The Power of Journaling

Hey Hey!  Happy Friday!

As we near the end of the week and begin the weekend, I wanted to talk about a concept that most of us are familiar with, but foreign to in practice.  That is the concept of journaling.

As the days pass and I find myself more and more busy, there are a plethora of thoughts and ideas that run through my head everyday, and if I don’t figure out a way to keep track of it all, I will certainly be doomed.  Between a bonafide partnership, managing a business, and mothering a human that is just on the cusp of toddlerhood, it’s important to be able to cope, and the best way I’ve found to be the most helpful is by journaling.

Writing allows you to be able to not only get the thoughts in your head down on paper, but it gives you the opportunity to sort through the feelings and emotions you’ve had that day, week, or month.  Were you running late for work, just to get to your car and realize that you have a flat?  Did you miss a deadline and now the pressure is on and you’re feeling defeated?  Or maybe you’re just sick and tired of the dead weight in your life and it’s draining you to nothingness.  Either way, one of the first things that you should be doing, is writing it all down.

Journaling is so powerful that once on paper, your thoughts can become things, and a deep understanding of your thoughts and feelings can also prevent you from making rash decisions.  You don’t want to find yourself doing/saying something in the moment and having to fix your mouth to apologize for it later.

This does not need to be done on a daily basis.  Do what works for you.  You can journal a few times a week, once a week, or even once a month.  If you’re having a tough time coping with all of the struggles in life, write, think, and take action.

Lilly Adé

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