You Shouldn’t Have to Break your Neck

Like most of you, I grew up in a family that said that I needed to go to school, get an awesome job, work hard, and…that was pretty much the end of the story.  I did everything everyone told me to do, and yet, something still didn’t feel right.

When I started working in corporate, it didn’t take me very long to realized that hard work was for the birds.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind working hard, I just didn’t like  the lack on control I had over my work.  I figured if I’m going to work hard, I’d much rather do it for myself and reap all of the benefits as opposed to a fraction of it.

Working my day job gave me a whole new perspective on what I believed my life should look like.  During that time, nothing inside of me said that I needed to break my neck to make a decent living.  In fact, I had to ask myself if I can make a better living going into business for myself.  As long as it was a possibility, I knew it was a viable option and I needed to try it.

Being an aspiring entrepreneur, I have to ask – Do you ever felt like that?

Like the amount of work you do at your job on a daily basis isn’t worth the amount of money they pay you?  And not only that, it drains you to the point where the amount of free time you actually have for yourself is slim to none.  If so, how have you decided to change it?

Here are a few questions to consider:

  1. How have you decided to lower the stress and anxiety you feel on a daily basis due to your job?
  2. What actions will you take to prevent you from breaking your neck for minimal financial gain?
  3. Do you think there’s a better lifestyle for you to live other than the one you have?

I was fortunate enough to learn very early in my career that life isn’t about breaking your neck for someone else, and that life should be respected and enjoyed.  Everyone isn’t as lucky, however, but fortunately for you, you’re reading this blog and are 5 steps ahead of those who aren’t.  

This is the point where you want to spend time figuring out whether you truly want to break free of your 9-5 life and begin living life on your own terms.  The decision to go into business for yourself won’t come without hard work, but it will certainly be worth the pay off in the end.

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