What Complete Autonomy Will Actually Cost You

Have you ever sat around and thought about what your life would be like if you didn’t have to physically get dressed to go to a job everyday?  What about what you would do with the extra 3 hours you spend commuting to and from work?  OR, maybe the worst part of your day job is the actual job itself – *tisk* and please, let’s not get started on the shady coworkers who can’t be trusted.

When I was working my day job, waking up in the morning was a complete struggle for me.  Partly because I’m not an early bird, so preventing myself from hitting the “snooze” button every chance I got was a compelling emotion. On a brighter side, once I bit up the nerve to get up and at ’em, I was up and at ’em!  Actually, the worst part of working my 9-5 was the stress and anxiety that came with it.  The amount of  anxiety I experienced working my day job was just too much to handle, so when my journey for complete autonomy began, I had to deal with hard truths I may or may not have been ready for!

There are an endless amount of things complete autonomy will cost you, most of them have simple technological solutions that will solve your problem.

Need your business to run while you’re on vacation?  Cool, create a system.

Want to market and promote your brand with ease?  Choose social media platforms that work best for you to make it easier.

However, there are two MAIN things you need that technology won’t solve for you.

1.   Discipline

When you begin to build your brand and start your business, you’ll tend to think that autonomy and freedom means that you can wake up whenever you want, do whatever you want, and answer to nobody but yourself.  To some degree, all of that is true, but that perspective is going to take you nowhere FAST!  The fact of the matter is that when you begin to build your brand and business, you’ll need to have more discipline than you had at your 9-5.  You’re going to have to wake up earlier than you did at your day job and work harder than you ever did at your day job.

If you don’t have the discipline to wake up, outline, batch, and actually get the work done, you’ll have a long list of things to do that’ll keep piling up and you’ll always fall behind.  Sure, you can rearrange it if necessary, but then your audience will expect something that you haven’t got to deliver.

Discipline plays the biggest part of consistency.  You aren’t consistent because you aren’t disciplined.  Master the art of discipline and watch your consistency rise sky high.

2.  Crazy Work Ethic

Don’t confuse discipline with work ethic.  Being disciplined in one area doesn’t mean the work ethic is there.  You can be disciplined and wake up at 5am everyday, but if you spend the first hour or two of your day on social media (and we both know that’s a very real possibility), then you’re trading off 2 hours of productivity for leisure.

In addition to discipline, you have to have crazy work ethic.  You need to be so tunnel visioned and focused that nothing can stop you once you’re in a groove.  Being a “I work best under stress” type of gal will have you waiting until the last minute to do everything, and you’ll probably find yourself more stressed as an entrepreneur that you did as an employee.

The goal is to be a productive as possible by planning.  Be in a constant state of checking things off your to-do list, because the beauty in that is once it’s done, it’s DONE!


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