How to Overcome Self-Doubt as you Enter your Next Season

Moving into your next season of life is hard and complicated…or as least it can feel that way.  When it’s time to start something new, something we aren’t completely comfortable with, and borderline fearful of, we begin having all of these ugly thoughts that show up and make us question whether we actually know what we’re doing.  These thoughts of self-doubt can consume us in ways unimaginable if we aren’t conscious of them and courageous enough to move past it.

When I decided to become a full-time entrepreneur, I didn’t have a business, and barely had a business idea.  Needless to say, there were many days were self-doubt reared its ugly head from the shadows and had me wondering if I even knew what I was doing.  Not only did I question whether I knew what I was doing, I also questioned whether I was the right woman for the job.  I knew without a doubt, I wasn’t cut out for the 9-5 life, but am I really supposed to be an entrepreneur?

As my business matured, it became clear that I was cut out for the job, but why was I still having thoughts of inadequacy, self-doubt, and in constant need of improvement?  Well, I realized that the mind will trick you into believing things that aren’t true.  This happens for a number of reasons.  Maybe you don’t actually believe in yourself, maybe you’re afraid of failure, OR maybe you’re afraid of success!  Whichever the reason, you have to know that it’s not real.  The emotions and thoughts are real, but the fact that you aren’t cut out for it, isn’t.  You have everything you need to be successful as you enter your next season.

In order to overcome self-doubt, you have to constantly remind yourself that you are the right person for the job.  Remind yourself that the work you do in the world is needed.  Remind yourself that you were called to do this, and you’re listening to your inner voice and accepting the challenge.  Even when things get difficult, you have to keep going.  There are many things  you thought you couldn’t overcome, that you got through, and this is no different.  Start this new chapter courageously because the alternative, is that you don’t do anything, and you stay right where you are.  And that’s just boring.

In my case, my next season revolved all around my career choice.  I constantly asked myself:  How can I not be stressed all the time, spend more time with my daughter, be more impactful, have more control over my life, and manage my time more appropriately?  What am I REALLY supposed to do in this world?  After asking those questions, for me, the answer was entrepreneurship.

But now I ask you:  What does your next season revolve around?  What are you running from?

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