Budgeting Session


Paying bills shouldn’t stress you out every month.  If you’re looking to quit your job, you have to stop the cycle of ‘spending before you get it.’  Start preparing for your big day right now!  Money in the Bank, is what you need to help you do that!

The session will help establish a foundation for a solid budgeting & savings plan based on your current and future endeavors.

Learn how to save money, so you can afford to invest in yourself when you decide to step into your next season!  Now’s the time to budget properly, so your accounts are thick & healthy!

This session includes:

  • 20 minute initial discovery call to assess your biggest area of need.
  • 45 minute Virtual Coaching Session via Skype or Google Hangout.
  • Money Saving Methods Guide.
  • Written recap of budgeting plan discussed during the coaching session.

*Note: Budget aggression will vary.




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